Christmas Puppies! | Collins Tuohy Smith

As you may or may not know, I've had the privilege to work with Collins Tuohy Smith this past year, being her photographer for different projects, her personal fashion blog, family events and several The Making It Happen events - their family foundation. I'll post more about this fun, very unexpected new adventure in another post later. 

For the past two, maybe three months, Collins included me her little scheme to surprise her husband, Cannon, with two Golden Doodle pups for Christmas!! Eeeep!! I guess Cannon's been itching to have a furry friend around the house, so why not get two?! ;) 

Collins and I had a lot of fun planning this surprise: where it would take place, when, how - everything! It was so much keeping and planning such an exciting surprise and also capturing it all GO DOWN! Haha! 

Poor Cannon opened the boxes with the puppies and literally thought they were just "props" for Collins's styled look for her blog instead of them being his - so his reaction was priceless in the way that he was completely confused when Collins told them they really were his to keep! However, the reality that he now had two absolutely adorable, gorgeous 9 week old puppies sank in and his heart just melted! It was so precious. 

I was so excited because Mark (who usually ends up tagging along for these crazy adventures) got to meet these two little puppies! It was his first time meeting such young, tiny dogs and he thought it was hilarious! Of course. He loved them and they loved him back - maybe a little too much, haha! Poor Mark got knocked down once, but it didn't phase him. Watching those three play together was the cutest thing ever! I foresee many more Mark and puppy playdates in the future. :) 

Everyone, meet Belle & Ella. <3