Mississippi Wedding Photographer

Caroline & Connor | Engagement

Meet Caroline & Connor! 

I first met Caroline last Spring when her and a whole crew of Senior girls at Rhodes College asked me to take some festive pictures for them! Of course, I never thought a year later I'd find an email in my inbox from one of those precious girls asking if I would shoot her engagement pictures back on the beautiful Rhodes campus!

Caroline and Connor met at Rhodes College and were both a part of the Track and Field team! Connor is finishing up Dental school here in Memphis, while Caroline is finishing up her Masters in Counseling in North Carolina. 

Caroline, I am so happy you reached out to me again! It was such a pleasure meeting Connor and catching up with you, of course! Wishing you both the very best as you finish school, plan your wedding and embark on a exciting new adventure! :) 



Nao & Daniel | Engagement

"I sank into the sea
Wrapped in piano strings
Few words could open me
But you knew them all."  
Author Unknown 


Nao and Daniel's engagement session is one of my favorites to date. I love feeling the raw, beautiful emotion they embrace between each other in these images. Also, rooftops...*heart eyes*  They are one of the sweetest couples I know, full of grace, joy and love for people, life, their Savior and each other. God has given them so many incredible talents and gifts, to name one: Both Nao and Daniel are incredibly accomplished musicians and band members in the band, You the Few. It is a privilege to be apart of this beautiful moment in their lives and it is so exciting to see where God will take them as husband and wife. 

I cannot wait for their vineyard wedding just outside St. Louis this August! It is going to be beautifully unique and express exactly who they are as a couple. :)