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There is something about wearing a pair of classic red Hunter Boots while getting a little dirty outside that will never get old. You can never go wrong with owning a pair! When I found out three years ago that I was going to have a little boy, my heart was saddened by the thought of not being able to pull off the cute "Mommy & Me" outfits you can wear with a little girl. However, I gave myself a pep talk (being a boy mom is honestly way more fun than I ever thought!) and decided to give myself the challenge of breaking that rule. I'm always up for a good challenge and this by far has been the funnest! I can't wait to start sharing more of my "Mommy & Me" boy outfit ideas on here! 

Now that Mark is a little bigger, his cute little feet can fit shoes I've been so eager to get him, including his own pair of red Hunter Boots. :) 

A few Saturday's ago, we took a trip to my favorite greenhouse and strawberry picking field! (*please note that both locations are owned by different businesses*). Millstone Nursery is honestly the cutest and most colorful plant nursery and greenhouse. I could spend hours there just photographing the flowers and plants. The strawberry field is owned by Jones Orchard. They offer picking in all seasons and you can pick apples, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, to name a few. 

Our Hunter boots were perfect for our fun, "getting a little dirty" day outing and bonus points because Mark and I got to match! I love how well made Hunter boots are, the quality of their design is amazing. These boots are great to wear in any season. I wear mine year round. The boots are easy to clean and they have a nice tread on them, too! We don't want any scraped knees from slipping in the mud. ;) 

Mark and I will have fun splashing around in mud and water puddles this summer! 

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Hunter boots, Memphis Fine Art Photographer
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Influencer, Hunter Boots, Millstone Nursery, Memphis Photographer
Jones Orchard, Hunter Boots, Influencer, Mom Blogger, Influencer photographer
Hunter boots, Jones Orchard, Blogger Photographer
Hunter boots, Influencer, Cat and Jack, Jones Orchard
Hunter Boots, Jones Orchard, Fashion Blogger Photographer, Mom Blogger
Jones Orchard, Hunter boots, Mom Blogger, Blogger Photographer, Memphis Fashion Photographer
Hunter Boots, Jones Orchard, Cat and Jack, Mom Blogger, Blogger Photographer
Strawberry picking is hard. He was ready to call it a day. :)

Strawberry picking is hard. He was ready to call it a day. :)