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Mommy & Me matching with my little boy + A Giveaway! | Fashion | Memphis Fashion Photographer

Toddler Boy Fashion, Toddler Boy clothes, "You're killing me smalls"

I LOVE getting creative with outfits so that me and Mark can match! Not the cheesy matchy-match, but the fun, cute matching outfits that compliment one an other. It can be difficult finding outfits to match with your little boy, but I am always up for a good challenge. So, I decided to browse Etsy and came across the cutest matching Tees. The set I decided to buy: mine says, "You're killing me smalls" and Mark's says, "Smalls". I saw this specific t-shirt set on Pinterest a long time ago and kinda forgot about it! When I saw this set, I just had to get it! 

When Mark was just a teeny tiny baby (and believe me, he was teeny), I had so much fun dressing him in the littlest things (jean jackets, blue jeans, sneakers, hiking boots, striped tees, puffer vests - you probably get the picture. *grin*). He really is my little baby doll. Now that he is older and bigger though, it just gets more and more fun dressing him! haha! Now it's little boy converse, snapbacks, hipster glasses, knee high adidas socks, dress shirts, baseball tees etc.  

Mark and I went out and got some fun pictures wearing our new match tee set. Etsy store: Saltee Beaches Apparel did an incredible job with these printed tees! Her tees are so soft and comfortable and run very true to size. They are simple and so easy to dress up a bit or dress down. I personally love the baseball tee style on Mark, but she has options (baseball tee and short sleeve) in both children's and adult sizes. We will really enjoy wearing these all year long! :) 

Saltee Beaches Apparel and I have teamed up to give one lucky Mama a matching tee set just like ours! Winner will be announced Friday, July 20th!! Good luck!! 

Rules to enter: 

- Follow @salteebeachesapprel

-Follow @marykatesteele

-On Instagram, tag 3 friends

-Extra entry for reposting on Instagram Stories and tagging both accounts


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Memphis Fashion Photographer, Brand Influencer
Saltee Beaches Apparel, Memphis Fashion Photographer, Little Boy Fashion, Brand Influencer
Toddler Boy Clothing, Toddler Boy Fashion, Memphis Fashion Photographer, Brand Influencer
Toddler Boy Fashion, Toddler Boy Clothes, Mommy & Me Fashion, Memphis Fashion Photographer
Mommy and Me Fashion, Mommy and Me outfits, Toddler Boy Fashion
Toddler Boy Fashion, Memphis Fashion Photographer, Memphis Brand Influencer photographer
Toddler Boy Fashion, Toddler Boy Clothes, Memphis Fashion Photographer

Caroline Logan Workshop 2016 | Personal

My desktop is literally buried underneath folders and folders of sessions that either need to be edited or blogged, but I've decided to take a break from editing to write this long awaited post! One of my many goals for 2016 was to do better at regularly blogging my sessions. Well, as you can probably see, that goal wasn't met the way I had hoped (it's going on top for the 2017 goal list), however, I did accomplish several other goals - one being "-attend a workshop". 

I am going into my third year of wedding photography, my 6th year of photography as more than a hobby. Investing in a workshop that I knew would 1. challenge me, 2. help me improve my skills and style and 3. all around encourage me in my pursuit of my business was so important to me this year.

It has been a dream of mine to learn under Caroline. When she started her workshop two years ago, I knew this was the one I needed to attend. Caroline Logan has an incredible and inspiring story and she is also an amazing person - totally relatable, humble, such an encourager and of course beyond talented. Her style, taste and approach to wedding photography is right up my alley, so learning from her is priceless. 

Caroline also happens to live in my neck of the woods of where I grew up! We have SO many mutual friends, but hadn't met until this year. Crazy! That being said, all the little minute logistical details that would either make or break this dream to attend her workshop fell right into place! You guys, I was ecstatic. I stayed with my family - spending a week at home (so I also got to visit them and some friends). My parents and sister graciously and willingly watched my little boy, Mark while I was away. He got some much needed time with them as well! I also got to spend time in my very favorite place on earth, my little hometown, Lititz, Pennsylvania. It was meant to be in so many ways and I am very thankful God made it all work out. 

It's hard to really put into words everything I learned. The workshop was everything I needed at this point in my business. It was overwhelming in all the good ways, if that makes sense. :) I walked away from a 12 hour day learning new tricks in editing, shooting, and posing. I better understood how to run my business from a business mindset. I learned new ways to build relationships with my clients, turning them into lasting friendships, something that is so important to me. I was given the privilege of participating in an incredible styled bridal shoot (which, once I'm given the green light, I can share my own images from that). Last, but definitely not least, I made new friendships with a group of other incredibly talented women, all in similar, but different walks in their lives and businesses. It was one of the most encouraging and challenging opportunities I've had up to this point in my photography business and journey. It is an experience I will never forget and will always be so incredibly thankful I could attend. 

If there is one general point I walked away with that anyone could apply to their own passions and dreams, it would be this: believe in yourself, never stop learning, stay humble and most importantly, never stop building your peers up. We are all in this together and it is beautiful. :)

Here are some photos from the workshop. Thank you Preston Groff Photography for capturing these moments. Edits by Caroline Logan Photography. iPhone photos included from my time in Lititz. <3 


Nao & Daniel | Engagement

"I sank into the sea
Wrapped in piano strings
Few words could open me
But you knew them all."  
Author Unknown 


Nao and Daniel's engagement session is one of my favorites to date. I love feeling the raw, beautiful emotion they embrace between each other in these images. Also, rooftops...*heart eyes*  They are one of the sweetest couples I know, full of grace, joy and love for people, life, their Savior and each other. God has given them so many incredible talents and gifts, to name one: Both Nao and Daniel are incredibly accomplished musicians and band members in the band, You the Few. It is a privilege to be apart of this beautiful moment in their lives and it is so exciting to see where God will take them as husband and wife. 

I cannot wait for their vineyard wedding just outside St. Louis this August! It is going to be beautifully unique and express exactly who they are as a couple. :)