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A Gala for Eden | Event

"Her courage was her crown and she wore it like a Queen."

Back in December a sweet family reached out me. They asked if I would be willing to donate a couple hours to document a fundraising gala for St. Jude in honor of a precious little girl who after a three year journey with cancer was in remission and completely cancer free! 

This sweet family are dear, dear friends to the little girl's family. They worked so hard to pull this gala together and it was an absolute privilege to participate in such an incredible moment for darling, Eden. 

Eden is pretty much like any other 5 year old girl. She loves running around crazy chasing her little friends, playing hide & seek, dancing to Taylor Swift, and jumping in bouncy houses (which they had at this gala *wink*).

However, Eden's story is a little different. She also has a journey with cancer and along with that days of grief, days of victory, days of confusion, days of overwhelming pain and now sweet days of healing.  

Meeting Eden was a moment I will cherish forever. She may never know, but she touched my heart in a special way. Cancer also has a mark on my life. No, I have not personally walked through it, but five years ago my dear Father-in-law did. It was the hardest 2 months I have ever had to walk through. Even though it was not the Lord's plan to heal my Father-in-law, through the heart wrenching pain, anger and confusion, He met me and my husband's family where we were. I believe that He also met Eden and her family where they were each day for the last three years. I can't imagine what that three year journey was like, but, He saw them through.

This girl is a cancer survivor and her family and friends have one incredible story to tell. 

It was such a blessing to me to be able to serve and bless Eden and her family!