A Tropical, Retro-Styled Brunch at The Liquor Store | Collins Tuohy Smith | Memphis, TN

Happy Wednesday! 

I made it a goal (again), to start being way more diligent about blogging in this new year. So, I'm holding myself accountable and making it happen! Aside from being a Fine Art Wedding Photographer, I also am a Fashion/Blogger photographer as well! I primarily shoot for Collins Tuohy Smith and Laura Boswell (Walking in Memphis in High Heels)! I have always loved fashion, however I never thought I'd see the day I would get to include it in my work! 

Let's go back to May 2015. It's a long story, that if you'd like to hear it some time (it's a crazy, fun story), ask me in person and I'd love to tell you, of how I met Collins and how we got from there to here (present day). May 2015, Collins reached out to me about shooting a little project for her family's Making It Happen Foundation. I was honored to participate! I really thought this was a one time thing. Little did I know that Collins had other plans. Haha! At this point, fashion blogging was really starting to pick up, especially on Instagram. The company LiketoKnowIt took off running full steam ahead and Collins had a desire and interest in starting a fashion blog! :) 

Now, almost three years later, Collins' blog has really taken off and I've had the incredible opportunity to watch it blossom, but also be a part of it. She may not know it, but I consider her to be a dear friend, a huge, unexpected blessing in my life. Her friendship pushes me outside of my comfort zone both personally and behind the camera, she encourages me and believes in me. She has given me countless, incredible opportunities I could have only dreamed of and I know that we're only scratching the surface! Working along side Collins gives me new daily inspiration that is different from my wedding photography -- in fact, it helps challenge me and keep me inspired with my wedding work. I am really excited for where this will continue to take both of us! They say, "Team work makes the dream work!" 

Earlier this month we collaborated with a new restaurant on Broad Avenue in Memphis - The Liquor Store. This place is definitely one of our top 5 favorite places to eat brunch or lunch here in Memphis! They also (hence their name) make amazing signature cocktail drinks to go with your dish! You have to go check them out! 

I wanted to share some of our other work because it's just pure FUN and why not?! It's really cool to see our work transform over the years as well. :) Most of these images are edited with my signature work, while others are edited with a custom preset I created specifically for Collins (which we have refined over the years). For any bloggers who may be interested in working with me, YES, I do make custom Lightroom presets specific for your blog/Instagram profile. This keeps your content cohesive and consistent. Please email me to inquire about it! :) 

Enjoy! xoxo


Memphis Fashion Photographer - The Liquor Store - Collins Tuohy Smith
Fashion Week September 2017 - New York City (my favorite city, eva!)

Fashion Week September 2017 - New York City (my favorite city, eva!)

La La Land inspired shoot!! Definitely one of our favorite ideas! 

La La Land inspired shoot!! Definitely one of our favorite ideas! 

That one time we got permission to shoot at Graceland!! :)

That one time we got permission to shoot at Graceland!! :)

Draper James Collaboration Shoot | Styled/Branding

At the beginning of this summer I was given the amazing opportunity to work with Collins Tuohy Smith, the little girl/sister in the bestselling book and movie, The Blind Side (true story). She is also co-owner of Whimsy Cookie Company and runs her own blog, Collins Closets

Over the last few months, we have worked on a few different photo projects together! One was to raise money for her family's Making It Happen Foundation -- She is currently auctioning off several pieces of clothing from her and her Mom's closets. We recently did a collaboration styled shoot with Scarlett & Gold Shop -- She modeled some of their adorable new pieces for their Fall clothing line! You should check them out! I purchased their "I'm Just Saying" tee and it is the softest v-neck I own! Not to mention that it is also super cute! 

Earlier this month, Collins asked if I could meet her down at Ole Miss to shoot some pieces from the oh-so-cute Southern clothing line, Draper James! Draper James is Reese Witherspoon's fashion and lifestyle brand. Of course I had to say, YES! Draper James reached out to Collins about collaborating with them, modeling some of their new Fall clothing line and representing her alma mater, University of Mississippi! It was a dream come true to work with both Collins and Draper James and shoot at Ole Miss. 

I had the best time getting the grand tour of the gorgeous Ole Miss grounds and learning all about sorority houses (this Northern girl knew nothing about the true Southern sorority house ways + lifestyle!), and hearing about some of Collins' memories as an Ole Miss student, cheerleader and sorority girl. :) 

It has been a lot of fun exploring a new outlet of photography and having the opportunity to dive in, meet new friends and companies, all while doing what I love! I am so excited for where this new adventure will take me next! Please take a minute to go check out Collins' interview with Draper James on their blog and peek at some of the images from that super fun shoot! :)




Taylor Carstens | Senior

Her Time

"She has been feeling it for a while now-- that sense of awakening. There is a gentle rage simmering inside her, and it is getting stronger by the day. She will hold it close to her-- she will nurture it and let it grow. She won't let anyone take it away from her. It is her rocket fuel and finally, she is going places. She can feel it down to her very core-- this is her time. She will not only climb mountains-- she will move them too." - Lang Leav

I've been dreaming of doing a session with miss Taylor and when the day finally came, I was ecstatic! Taylor recently graduated with a degree in Music Business from Visible Music College. Taylor is an inspiration to me, though she may not know that until she reads this. ;)  She is fearless. She has gumption. She is so kind. In her kindness, she will also tell you the truth, even if it's not everything you want to hear. She is real and genuine. She pursues her dreams with a full heart and lots of passion, but holds them with open hands. Later this Summer, Taylor is taking that fearless gumption, following her heart and dreams and moving to LA to continue pursing a career in the music business industry! This girl is going to change the world and I am so excited to watch her do that. I have a feeling I will continue to learn a lot from her, even from LA. :) 

Aside from capturing Taylor's senior session, we sat at Muddy's Grind house coffee shop, chatted about life, marriage, weddings, dreams for Mary Kate Steele Photography and her LA goals. I'm gonna miss this girl when she moves. Thank goodness family in Memphis will bring her back to visit from time to time. 

Taylor volunteered to be my guinea pig for a new project I am starting at MKS Photography. It's a little something fun, something to inspire others and myself. I don't really have a name for it (yet), but the idea is to spend a morning or afternoon or evening with different people and capture their personal fashion style and personality. Fashion is a huge interest of mine, along with meeting new people or getting to know someone better. I have a feeling this will be a fun journey and we'll see where it goes! Shout out to Taylor for collaborating with me on the idea! If you would be interested in participating in this new project, please let me know! I would absolutely love to hear from you!! :D - Email me:


Mary Kate 

 Isn't she just adorable and such a babe all at the same time?! <3 

Yellow floral romper: Stock & Belle 

Calvin Klein hat: Urban Outfitters

Sneaks: Puma Match Basic Sports Lo Sneakers