Canon 5D Mark iii

Nao & Daniel | Engagement

"I sank into the sea
Wrapped in piano strings
Few words could open me
But you knew them all."  
Author Unknown 


Nao and Daniel's engagement session is one of my favorites to date. I love feeling the raw, beautiful emotion they embrace between each other in these images. Also, rooftops...*heart eyes*  They are one of the sweetest couples I know, full of grace, joy and love for people, life, their Savior and each other. God has given them so many incredible talents and gifts, to name one: Both Nao and Daniel are incredibly accomplished musicians and band members in the band, You the Few. It is a privilege to be apart of this beautiful moment in their lives and it is so exciting to see where God will take them as husband and wife. 

I cannot wait for their vineyard wedding just outside St. Louis this August! It is going to be beautifully unique and express exactly who they are as a couple. :) 



South Carolina | Family Vacation

Hello my lovelies! 

How's everyone's Summer going? It's really hard to believe August is just around the corner and that Summer is winding down. How is that even possible? It is so true what they say, "the days are long but the years are short." 

This has been a wonderful, crazy Summer for me and my little family. I thought I'd share a little recap. My husband, Nick, has been away for several weeks playing guitar in a worship band traveling around the country. I've been here holding down the fort, working, shooting weddings, and running around with my toddler, Mark. 

Last weekend, Mark and I were invited for an impromptu trip to go visit Nick and the band for a long weekend in South Carolina. Ohhh, let me tell you, it was the best thing for my soul. The band has been playing at a summer camp at Hilton Head for the past two weeks. It was so wonderful to get out of town, see the beach (for the first time for me since 2012!), and visit Nick! While we were there, we visited beautiful Charleston - that place is simply DARLING and full of so much history. I'm pretty sure I walked around all day with major heart eyes. Charleston is filled with so many historical architectural buildings, cobble stone streets and alleys, gorgeous cathedrals with majestic steeples, pastel colored homes and palm trees - lots of palm trees. :) 

When plans had finalized for me to go to Hilton Head, I had decided I needed to try and make it to Savannah, Georgia, too! Savannah is so picturesque and only just shy of an hour from Hilton Head. Perfect! I also wanted to check out the famous, eery and beautiful Wormsloe Plantation, specifically the Oak-lined drive. It stretches a mile long, being the longest oak-lined drive in the world. The scenic drive from Hilton Head to Savannah is totally worth it, too. After checking out Wormsloe, which had me totally mesmerized, it started to downpour. It rained the hardest I've seen in a long time, so sadly, I didn't get the chance to walk around downtown Savannah like I had planned, but the drive was worth it just to see Wormsloe. 

Last weekend was the best, quickest long weekend ever and was exactly what I needed. Nick and I are already planning a trip to go back to South Carolina for some day. <3 

*Photos were taken with both a 5D Mark iii and iPhone*

Until the next post.