Summer & Daniel | Wedding

When I first met Summer & Daniel during our Meet & Greet session, I knew right away that we'd hit it off so well! This year I've been blessed with so many couples that have such a beautiful, contagious overwhelming joy and love for not only each other, but the Lord, too. This is so evident in Summer and Daniel's relationship and their lives. They have a huge heart for connecting with youth and serving wholeheartedly in the youth groups at their churches. Daniel is currently a youth pastor at a church in Shreveport, LA. Summer led a group of girls at her church here in Memphis before moving to Shreveport to serve with Daniel. :) 

A fun fact about them: they are MAJOR diehard Grizzlie fans! So much so, they incorporated the Grizz colors into their wedding, along with some awesome photo booth props too! Marc Gasol's face even made an appearance. ;) It was pretty hardcore in the best ways possible. 

Their wedding day was SO hot! In spite of the crazy heat and humidity, Daniel, Summer and their entire wedding party did a fantastic job with all my photo requests and NAILED it! Not only did they brave the heat with no complaining, but they were all so willing to be adventurous and hop a fence so we could capture photos on this beautiful farm land. *Don't worry, we had gotten permission ahead of time.*

Their ceremony was so sweet. I loved watching all the adorable faces of excitement and joy Summer and Daniel were making at each other. They are just so cute! I think my favorite part of the day was sneaking them out during the reception to capture their portraits during sunset. Witnessing their precious love for each other, whispering softly into each other's ears and dancing away to sound of laughter... it was the perfect way to end the day. <3