Becky & Danny | Engagement

I've known Becky and Danny for a few years now. They both are incredibly talented musicians and songwriters who are so in love with each other! It's pretty adorable. They have the sweetest relationship that is full of quiet laughter and soft glowing smiles. They are simple and content, but they have dreams to travel, write and see the world. :) 

When Becky and I started talking about their engagement session, we both knew pretty early on that it needed to be dreamy, simple, and woodsy with sprinkles of music and books. Shelby Forest provided that perfect backdrop to pull off our vision. The lake was an extra bonus, along with the gorgeous painted trees with vibrant red, orange and yellow leaves. We could not have asked for a better cloudy day and hints of sun rays that peaked through at the just the right times.  I am excited to capture their early Spring wedding and have a feeling it will represent their love and passions very well. <3