Mary Kate & Jeremy | Engagement

When Mary Kate contacted me months ago about photographing her and Jeremy's engagement session at their alma mater, Rhodes College, I was so so excited! Whenever I get an opportunity to shoot at Rhodes aka real life Hogwarts (yes, major Harry Potter fan here), I always fall more in love with the campus grounds and the gorgeous architecture! Plus, that campus pretty much just speaks to my love for everything "preppy". *wink*

Mary Kate and I had never met until our scheduled Meet & Greet, but we quickly bonded over our mutual love for Rhodes, the fact that we share the same first name and owning Kate Spade bags. ;)  I was honored when Mary Kate and Jeremy gladly made the trip from St. Louis to work with me  and trusted me to capture their vision for their Rhodes College Engagement Session! 

Both Jeremy and Mary Kate ran Track & Field for the Rhodes team - where they first met! Quickly, their track and field "dates" turned into study "dates" at the beautifully sophisticated Paul Barret Jr. Library. So sweet! Their story completely won my preppy heart over!  

I thoroughly enjoyed walking around the campus, hearing all about their time as students and learning more about the college itself! It was like getting my own Rhodes College Admissions tour, but so much better! ;)