| Richhart Family |

Meet Windy, Ben and Amelia! 

I loved hanging out at the park getting to know this sweet family! Amelia is one day younger than my little boy, Mark! December babies are the best, but I know I am a bit biased. ;)  I was really impressed by how well Amelia did with the camera. I learned that Amelia loves the outdoors, walking around around barefoot and playing in piles of leaves. She is a girl after my own heart (except for maybe the walking around barefoot part. *wink*).  She has a very sweet spirit like her mama and is so photogenic! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect Fall afternoon to crawl around in the leaves and catch gorgeous rays of golden sunlight. - You guys are a darling family! Thank you for letting me capture your family and enjoy an hour getting to know you three! Much love - 

Mary Kate