| On a personal note... |

Hello loves! 

I am finally back in full swing here on the blog. It's been a very busy, but wonderful season! I want to take a moment to thank all my clients for being so amazing, gracious and sweet during this hectic time as I balance multiple sessions, blogging, and my personal life. Running your own business is so rewarding, but it definitely isn't easy and I am constantly learning more and more to make this the best experience for both you, my client, and for myself, too! I wouldn't be where I am now without all of you. This has been a dream of mine for a very long time and to see it start to blossom is more exciting than I can put into words. This is just the beginning because I have so many goals and aspirations for this dream! So, all that to say, thank you for joining me on this crazy, fun journey and for choosing me and trusting me to capture your special moments.


I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday! I was so thankful for an extended weekend to put aside my normal, crazy, life and simply BE with my little family. The weather on Thanksgiving was absolutely gorgeous! We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner with some of our dearest friends. It was a perfect "Framily" Thanksgiving. My husband, Nick and I normally go up to Sheboygan, Wisconsin to visit his side of the family, but since adding a sweet little boy to our family last year, we thought it best to stay here again. 

Friday after Thanksgiving my family and our dear friends, the Alexanders, piled in our cars and drove to Hernando, Mississippi to Cedar Hill Farm to start a new family tradition! I have always wanted to go to a Christmas tree farm and chop down my own tree. There is something so festive about picking out a tree and chopping it down with an ax. Cedar Hill Farm did not disappoint. Everyone was so friendly and excited to see us! Our little boy, Mark, (who just turned ONE yesterday), LOVED the tractor ride to the field. He was pretty disappointed when we had to get off, haha! Needless to say, it was the perfect family outing and a Christmas tradition we will keep. :) 


Mary Kate 

P.S. I apologize for the low quality of the following photos as they were taken on my iPhone rather than on my camera. Also, on a side note, many new sessions will be blogged this week, so be on the look out for those! <3